Award Ribbons

LCI manufactures high quality, thick award ribbons for any award ceremony. Each ribbon is hand finished and inspected by our program participants.

Ribbon Types

We manufacture three types of ribbons. They are:

  • Rosettes, which feature a circle at the top and three ribbons hanging below.
  • Basic with grommet and tassle.
  • Basic without grommet and tassle.

All ribbons come in multiple colors. Available choices are:

  • Standard — flag blue, red, gold, white, sky blue, pink, emerald, purple, and orange.
  • Hot — hot orange, hot chartreuse, hot cerise, hot green, American Beauty, hot pink, and fuchsia.
  • Rainbow.

To Order

For more information about our award ribbons or to place an order, contact Sue Marshburn at or 919-775-3439 ext 217.