That’s what drives LCI to help people with disabilities get what they need to enjoy more independent productive and rewarding lives.

A History of Service

Formed in 1967 as a sheltered workshop for people with disabilities, LCI has grown significantly from its modest beginning with eight clients and three full-time staff. It now operates as a community rehabilitation program serving more than 100 participants each year and managing a budget well over $1 million.

Known originally as Lee County Sheltered Workshop Inc., the organization has not only expanded its staff, but its services as well. In the 1970s, the name was changed to Lee County Industries Inc., to reflect the growing importance of contracted work from local industry. And in 2004, as more people and companies outside the county borders began requesting services, the name was shortened to LCI Inc.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, LCI provides rehabilitation and educational training to youth and adults with barriers to employment. The wide variety of training opportunities available attracts a broad range of individuals, including people with disabilities, those adapting from accidental injuries and others from low-income families.

LCI operates through income from industrial contracts and award sales, charitable grants and, most importantly, tax-deductible gifts from friends. It also draws upon volunteers to work with participants and publishes occasional information for anyone wanting to stay informed about the organization and its new ventures.

Though LCI has expanded its services and moved over the years — the current building opened in 1981 — it has remained faithful to its mission: To help people with disabilities achieve their greatest possible independence and use its resources to enhance the entire community.